Why do companies still use fuel cards in 2018?

Fuel cards were first brought to the UK in the 1980s and have used by companies as a method of purchasing fuel ever since.  However, companies seem to be lacking behind and not keeping up to date with innovative technologies that could make their company finance management a loteasier. If you’ve upgraded to a smartphone over the years, why not smarten up your finances, too?

Are fuel cards still seen as an effective expense management solution? Not really. Many company owners and employers aren’t aware that fuel card companies carry out regular credit checks which could mean you may pay an additional premium. For example, a company recently found that they had been charged an additional 26 pence per litre, as their fuel card distributor believed they could begin to pose a risk financially. Who knew you could be welcomed with further hidden charges, after purchasing? Throwing away money on fees ultimately renders a fuel card pointless, but still, companies are continuing to set up fuel card accounts.

Surely you’re on the lookout for a business debit card that can be used anywhere, and not just on fuel? One that can not only move money seamlessly and securely, but also save admin time? How about one that says goodbye to petty cash and mountains of receipts? Well, look no further.

With Viola Corporate, we are extremely transparent with our customers. We can guarantee no credit checks and no forecourt restrictions – our prepaid company debit card can be used everywhere, and the price you see is the price you pay. What more could you ask for…tracking expenses real-time? Categorizing funds as per each employee? We do that, too.

If you want to move forward and simplify expenses, use our prepaid debit card to track and budget expenses while your employees are on the road, no need to panic! We’ve thought of everything that you could possibly need, and packaged it up into one little card – Viola Corporate.

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