This page provides a complete breakdown of the costs associated with a Viola Corporate Account. This will depend on the type of plan you opt for.

General Fees

Online Business Account – £6.00 per month (12 month subscription)

Electronic funds received – £0.35 per transaction

Electronic funds sent – £0.35 per transaction


Card Management Account Fees

Small Business (1-25 cards) – £7.00 each card per month (12 month subscription)

Medium Business (26-50 cards) – £6.00 each card per month (12 month subscription)

Large Business (51+ cards) – £5.00 each card per month (12 month subscription)


Additional Fees

Inactivity Fee

Fee per Card after 120 consecutive days – £2.00 per month


Decline Fee

ATM or POS for insufficient funds – £1.00



Fee for any replacement/additional physical card – £7.00

Fee for any replacement/additional virtual card – £1.50


ATM Withdrawal

– £3.00


Foreign ATM Transactions

Fee for non-GBP ATM withdrawals – £3.00 + 2.5% of withdraw amount
NOTE ATM providers may raise additional charges.


Charge back fee

– £30.00



No penalty within initial 14 day cancellation period. Thereafter fee payable equivalent to the remaining 12 month subscription at time of cancellation.



Emailed PDF copy statement £10.00 Per Month


Card and Online Account Limits


This page details the monetary limits associated with your Viola Corporate:

i) Online bank account, and
ii) Prepaid card

Viola Corporate (plans 1-3) are available for businesses with a turnover of up to £2 million
Per annum. Some exceptions may apply, but these will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Point of Sale

Maximum transaction amount per year: £75,000

Maximum transaction count per year: 3000

Maximum transaction amount per month: £30,000

Maximum transaction count per month: 300

Minimum single transaction amount: £1

Maximum single transaction amount: £5,000

Maximum transaction amount per day: £5,000

Maximum transaction count per day: 10

ATM Limits

Maximum withdrawal amount per year: £5,000

Maximum withdrawal count per year: 100

Maximum withdrawal amount per month: £2,500

Maximum withdrawal count per month: 15

Maximum single withdrawal amount: £500.00

Minimum single withdrawal amount: £20.00

Maximum withdrawal amount per day: £500.00

Maximum withdrawal count per day: 2


Card Load

Maximum load amount per year: £75,000

Maximum load count per year: 50

Maximum load amount per month: £30,000

Maximum load count per month: 3

Minimum load amount: £10.00

Maximum load amount per day: £10,000

Maximum load count per day: 2