Monthly fee

Small Business – £7.00 per card per month (minimum £21.00) 12 month contract
Medium Business – £6.00 per card per month (minimum £156.00) 12 month contract
Large Business – £5.00 per card per month (minimum £255.00) 12 month contract

Loading Account from Bank account

One free load each month thereafter £1.50 per load.

Inactivity Fee

Fee per Card after 120 consecutive days £2.00 per month

Decline Fee

ATM or POS for insufficient funds £1.00


Fee for any replacement/additional physical card £7.00

Fee for any replacement/additional virtual card £1.50

ATM Withdrawal


Foreign ATM Transactions

Fee for non-GBP ATM withdrawals £3.00 + 2.5% of withdraw amount

ATM withdrawal in a currency other than the currency of the card £3 + conversion rate + 2.5%

ATM withdrawal in the currency of the card £3.00
NOTE ATM providers may raise additional charges.


No penalty within initial 14 day cancellation period. Thereafter fee payable equivalent to the remaining 12 month subscription at time of cancellation.


Emailed pdf copy statement £10.00 Per Month




Maximum withdrawal amount per year: £5,000

Maximum withdrawal count per year: 100

Maximum withdrawal amount per month: £2,500

Maximum withdrawal count per month: 15

Maximum single withdrawal amount: £500.00

Minimum single withdrawal amount: £20.00

Maximum withdrawal amount per day: £500.00

Maximum withdrawal count per day: 2

Card Load

Maximum load amount per year: £75,000

Maximum load count per year: 50

Maximum load amount per month: £30,000

Maximum load count per month: 3

Minimum load amount: £10.00

Maximum load amount per day: £10,000

Maximum load count per day: 2

Point of Sale

Maximum transaction amount per year: £75,000

Maximum transaction count per year: 3000

Maximum transaction amount per month: £30,000

Maximum transaction count per month: 300

Minimum single transaction amount: £1

Maximum single transaction amount: £5,000

Maximum transaction amount per day: £5,000

Maximum transaction count per day: 10